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Run Free Rockin n Rollin “Dicey”

Posted on Aug 15, 2011 by in Random Musings | 2 comments

First, there was the high-strung Legs Silver.  Plagued by severe separation anxiety causing him to eat through metal crates, walls and doors, it was clear he needed one of his own kind to teach him the finer points of life.

Enter Rockin n Rollin.

A not-so-petite female, who had earned the nickname “Dicey” for her unique racing style.  Some days, she would come out the gates and take the race.  Other days, she was the crowd pleaser, demontrating a savvy pup could cut under the rail, head to the “finish line”, and wait for the lure to arrive.  After watching the video of this stunt (which she did several times before she was retired), it was clear she was going to be Silver’s missing link.

I can still remember the day we brought Dicey home.  Silver, Kelsey and Chiquita barked insanely at the door, while Dicey entered the backyard.  Everyone was eager to meet and greet, and Dicey immediately marked her territory during the sniff routine – smack dab on Silver’s nose.

Over the years, we lost some four legged friends (Kelsey, Nicias, Silver), and gained some new ones (Mr.T, Mickey, Piko).  Never once did we hear a growl, snarl or snap.  The arrival of Duncan and Pierce certainly did not escape attention; Dicey was always at their side.

As a friend noted a few years back, Dicey was our “ambassadog”.  She would welcome guests politely, accept change in stride, and teach the ropes to newly rescued or fostered pups.  Granted this included her famous counter surfing routines, but no one is perfect.

Dicey, we had hoped beyond hope you would make it to your 12th birthday.  The boys had planned a special feast for the milestone, so it only seemed fitting to celebrate your incredible life today.  As we watched you relish the peanut butter and bacon sandwich with a side of TimBits, Duncan made a wonderful observation.

“I will miss you so much, but you have friends waiting.  Silver probably needs your help, to stop eating the walls in puppy heaven.  Remember to run really fast, and show him you are still the boss.”

Run Free Dicey, Run Free…


  1. She will be missed but Silver needed the help 😉

  2. I’m so sorry to here about Dicey. She was a stunning gal and will stay in my thoughts. Tell Derek that I still use “Silver” in my daily log-ins. Happy trails Dicey.

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