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Race Report: Perth Kilt Run 2013

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It was January 16, 2013.  A mere two days after returning home from our whirlwind Disney Marathon trip, and the discovery of our flooded basement.  I desperately wanted to avoid the post-marathon and insurance claim blues.  As Robbie Burns once said, “Hope Springs Exulting on Triumphant Wing”.  Or, in my case, by email…

PKR Warrior

I had received an offer for $25 “Early Bird” entry into the 2013 Perth Kilt Run.  ‘S math sin!  Why was this great?  Duncan had been eager to run a longer race.  However, there is a big difference between 5K and 10K when you’ve got little legs.  Enter the Perth Kilt Run, which is an ideal middle distance, certified 8K race!

With a spring chock-full of 5K’s, Duncan was enthusiastic about tackling longer runs.  We created a training plan (short runs on Monday and Wednesday, long runs on Saturday, extra runs or cross-training a bonus).  He tried to embrace each run, and worked hard to meet or exceed the target distances on his schedule.  During the lead up to race day, Duncan’s longest run was 8.19K in 53:50.

Race Day
Duncan and I headed to Perth at 2:45pm.  We found a great parking spot at the Soap Factory, and then started our walk to the Crytal Palace.  I advised Duncan the course was revised for 2013, and I could give him no pointers on elevation, areas for potential bottlenecks, etc.  I asked him for a goal, and even with 22C and 99% humidity, he wanted to run it in 50 minutes.  10 minute miles; faster than his training pace, but doable.

After bib pick up, we visited Stewart Park.  Duncan took a turn in the bouncy castle, stopped by the shortbread competition, watched the Medieval Encampment activities, and had his face painted.  Thereafter, we watched the Wee Lads and Lassies races, met up with the Running Maniacs, and decided on our post-run meeting point.  Eventually the piped march to the Town Hall commenced, we heard the warriors cry, and the start was marked by a shotgun.

While the race kept its start and finish in front of Perth Town Hall, the golf course section was replaced with streetscape.  The new course took runners over the Drummond Street Bridge, on the Beckwith Swing Bridge, in front of Saint John’s Church, through Last Fatal Duel Park, around Queen Elizabeth School (which, in my opinion, had the best water station and cheer squad), past Saint James Church, and then a second pass at the downhill Drummond Street Bridge.  All told, some beautiful scenery, stunning heritage homes, and more water stations than I could count!
2013 Perth Kilt Run Certified Course

The race itself was fantastic.  Duncan decided to up the ante early on, and the went out fast.  By the 2K mark, my bad leg was acting up.  By the 4K mark, I had made a decision: Duncan needed to be set free.  He had found his happy pace, and I had to get the muscle spasms under control.  I told him to take off, and I would meet him at the Maniacs meeting spot.  I figured he had a big safety net: Mike, Andy and Marg were ahead of Duncan, and Denise, Leah, Tina, “Warrior” Al and I would round out the rear.  Once again, running camaraderie at its finest!

Zoomphoto  Zoomphoto

Duncan – 8K Results
Chip Time: 46:28 (Personal Best)
Overall Place: 475/1707
Gender Place: 306/741
Men 7 & Under: 1st Place

Andrea – 8K Results
Chip Time: 48:32
Overall Place: 604/1707
Gender Place: 238/966
Women 36 Place: 4/18


Perth Kilt Run 2013

Perth Kilt Run 2013 017


The 2013 Perth Kilt Run was a night of firsts…
First 8K Race
First time beating Mom
First age category win
and it was…
First Place!




While Duncan would later coin me a “snail”, a “tortise” and report to Derek it was “awesome to ditch Mom”, all the smack talk in the world was worth seeing his larger than life smile shine bright!

Perth Kilt Run 2013 012



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