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Race Report: Hobble Gobble Prediction Run 2013

Posted on Nov 24, 2013 by in Running | 0 comments

Road trip!

On Saturday, November 23nd, Duncan and I ventured to Potsdam, New York for 16th annual Hobble Gobble Prediction Run.  For those who are unfamiliar with prediction runs, participants are not aware of the final distance until race day.  Duncan and I had signed up for the short course (guaranteed 4 miles or less), and upon arrival at the West Potsdam Fire Hall, we learned our race would consist of 3.56 miles (5.73K).  I submitted our time sheets with a prediction of 34:41.0 to the SportStats team.  While 6:00/km is slower than our normal 5-8K pace, I can naturally step count at this speed!

Returning our swag bags to the car, we joined the five hundred sixty nine runners and walkers gathered at the starting line.  After singing both the Canadian and American national anthems, the starting gun sounded.  Right away, Duncan and I both noted the rural roads and scenery were similar to our training terrain in Almonte.  The bonus at Hobble Gobble was the sideline support – cheerleaders, bands, and music.  Enough to keep you going, yet still peaceful enough to enjoy the crunchy fall leaves underfoot.

Prediction Outcomes
Duncan wrapped up the course in 32:53.5 – giving him a difference of 1:47.5 off his predicted time of 34:41.0.
I wrapped up the course in 34:00.7 – giving me a difference of 40.3 seconds off my predicted time of 34:41.0

By Prediction
Andrea: 43/396
Duncan: 110/396
By Time
Duncan: 54/396
Andrea: 64/396






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