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Mommy’s Little (Passport) Nightmare

Posted on Jun 29, 2011 by in Random Musings | 0 comments

With everyone’s passports set to expire later this summer, I wanted to take advantage of the simplified renewal process.  Clearly simplified was not in the cards today, as demonstrated by our return home sans photo for Pierce.

From my Facebook status… learned Passport photos with a 2 year old = nightmare. He stuck out his tongue, he curled his tongue, he put a finger up his nose. He refused to keep his lips together and eyes open at the same time. When asked to “look at the camera”, he craned his neck to the ceiling, pointing to the security cameras. And no, we did not get one single usable photo.

I explained to Derek he will be taking Pierce for round two.  Derek responds with a “no problem, we’ll practice first”.  Uh huh – these practice photos should give you an idea of how well this is going to turn out…




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