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Doggie Déjà Vu

Posted on Nov 21, 2011 by in Featured, Random Musings | 0 comments

The winter weather is kicking in, and this evening the temperature dropped to -12°C.  While not freezing by any means, I opted to run the fireplace to take the chill out the air and warm the pups after their evening backyard romp.

Normal post-romp, witching hour behaviour around here: Mickey taunts Piko.  Piko chases Mickey.  Mickey hisses and swats.  Piko retreats.  Repeat over, and over, and over.  Therefore, imagine my delight when I stumbled across the two sleeping in their beds, in front of the fire.  Sweet, huh?  I had to take a picture, since this defies their personalities!!

Now, I bet you are wondering why I titled this entry “Doggie Déjà Vu”, right?

Earlier today, Pierce commented the new roll of toilet paper had gone missing.  Stranger things have happened around here, so I suggest he grab a new roll.  Fast forward to this evening, and imagine my shock when Piko starts sniffing around the donut ring of his bed – and suddenly out pops the missing TP!  Looks like he stashed it there for an evening snack – which is something Dicey used to do all the time.

Note to self: Dicey’s legacy has now grown from covert counter surfing to toilet paper smuggling.  Makes me wonder what trait Piko will model next!!


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